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Kamosett Pharaoh Hounds


Kamose,  the  only  boy  from  a  litter  of  seven  girls. DCH  Merymut Neferkare X CH Kamaraj Amon-Joi,JC .  Kamose came  home  with  me  on  April  Fools   Day, and  has kept  me  laughing ever  since.  He  is  my  constant shadow.  I   named  him  after  the  last  Egyptian  king  of  the 17th  Dynasty.   .  His  name  means " He  who  raged  with  a penetrating  voice"  be  careful  what  you  name  a dog, because  Kamose  has  the  loudest,  deepest   bark around. CH Kamaraj Ka Kamose SC,CGC ,is currently working towards his therpy dog certificate. Every other week he visits a local Nursing Home.


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