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Kamosett Pharaoh Hounds
Kayo and Me

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I had never owned a dog,didn't have a clue as to what a Pharaoh Hound was, when my first red dog found me. He was a gawky teenager who had lived in a crate for the first six months of his life. I thought I was rescuing him,but it turned out to be the other way around. The reign of Kayo was an eye-opener to the world of Pharaohs..With patience, endless questions to those in the know and lots of errors on my part,he matured into a wonderful regal hound. With all the usual traits, a thief of food and socks, barking at butterflies, digging trenches and turning the yard into one big hole. All he did was quickly forgiven. He owned me. An intelligent animal ,a pharaoh is at times smarter than us mere mortals, the inspiration I drew from this marvelous creature of the ancients filtered into my art. Instead of painting I began working with clay achieving more animation and capturing the spirit of my boy.He was my dear friend. Our journey together lasted four years. My sweet boy passed away quietly in his sleep next to me. Eight years have passed and his absence is still very much felt. Three new red dogs have invaded my life and art. Now major events ,wins and titles are captured in clay. The most fun to create are those depicting my dogs as kings and queens of ancient Egypt. My first red dog took so much when he left but gave so much in his short life to me. All my work is signed with a  "K" in memory of my first boy and dear friend.




Star#034-689 ,22Hrs..40 Mins.50.03Sec.&Declination of +51 23'05.60" Epoch 2000,in the constellation Lacerta shall henceforth be known by the name  KAYO

Always In My Heart