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Kamose in clay

CH Kamaraj Ka Kamose Ahhi ,SC,CGC

WELCOME  to  KAMOSETT  PHARAOHS  and our hounds,       Kamose Ahhi,  Kiva, Ka  Zoe  and  Zabelle Sirocco.   We  have  bred  one  litter  to date of  5  boys  in  2002, and  have  owned  Pharaoh Hounds  since  1991 , we  are  totally committed  to  the  breed.  My  red  dogs  compete  in Conformation ,  Lure Coursing and a Therapy Dog  program. Pharaohs  are  a  sight - scent  hound,  a  dog  of  endurance  dating  back  more  than  5,000  years.  One  of  the  oldest  domesticated  breeds,  medium  size  with    rich  chestnut  color and amber  colored  eyes. Intelligent ,  elegant,  fast , affectionate,  very  forgiving.   Known  as  the  Kelb Tal  Fenek  or  rabbit  hound  in  Malta, where they are celebrated as the national dog .
I love sharing   this  beautiful  breed  with  others  and  to  display  the  art  work  I  have  created  with  the inspiration  of  these  ancient  creatures. 
 I  am  a  painter, now  working  in  clay, achieving  more  animation, trying  to  capture  the  spirit  of  my beautiful dogs.  Creating  sculptures  and  ceramic tiles , depicting my  Pharaoh Hounds  as  kings  and  queens  of  ancient  Egypt. Hope you enjoy my gallery of pictures of my dogs and art  (O:


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Not just another pretty face,Multi-BIF DC Zabelle Sirocco


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